Mendota Consulting’s goal is to provide realistic, cost-effective recommendations and designs for clients of all sizes and needs.

Mendota Consulting, LLC

7 N. Pinckney Street, Suite 300
Madison, WI 53703
TEL: 608-618-3742

Licensed and Insured Professional Services
Professional Engineer, P.E.
Master Plumber, LMP
Certified Soil Tester, CST

Mendota Consulting provides a variety of services for clients in all stages of a projectʼs development. Our clients include Owners, Developers, Municipalities, Home Owner Associations, General Contractors, Construction Managers, and Civil Engineers. We leverage our understanding of the design and construction process to provide clients innovative cost-effective solutions. Projects start with tight budgets and limited understanding by all parties, but it is our job to provide an independent, professional opinion based on the available information. It may stop a project before it starts, but we believe that open communication with honesty and integrity is our fiduciary duty. Our review may also provide insights into other unforeseen opportunities. We pride ourselves on providing clients of all sizes and needs with professional service by preparing responsible recommendations and designs.