Mendota Consulting is a full service company that can provide plans and specifications for a variety of projects, including:

  • Initial Soil Analysis (Non-Structural Review)
  • Stormwater Analysis
  • Erosion Control Design
  • Site Layout and Grading Design
  • Utility Design (Sewer, Water, Storm)

Our goal is to provide innovative solutions that help reduce development costs, while meeting the design intent and serving the end user.


Selecting a site may be the most important decision during the development process. The cost and location limit the available options, but understanding the true costs of development, design and construction can influence the feasibility of a project. Mendota consulting provides site analysis including:

  • Earthwork Analysis which includes a review of the topography, geotechnical  (soil)  properties, and site balance.
  • Site Infrastructure Utility Review including an assessment of existing and proposed public utilities (sanitary sewer and water main service) to meet the developments needs.
  • Environmental and Code Compliance Review to determine the economic feasibility of a project prior to purchasing or beginning any work.
  • Land Use and Transportation Review to determine any existing zoning and/or access concerns.
  • Site Budgeting is the final step after all aspects of the site have been reviewed. An accurate budget helps determine the true site costs and allows the client to start thinking about the site layout and options prior to beginning the final design.


Mendota Consulting can review existing sites, buildings, and developments to provide cost-effective design solutions. Maintenance solutions for consideration include:

  • Asphalt and Concrete maintenance recommendations
  • Stormwater Issues
    • Lack of Infiltration in designed systems
    • Ponding Issues
    • Wash Out Problems
    • Treatment Requirements
  • Utility Re-design
  • Layout and Access Re-design

Our goal is to understand each clients specific needs and requirements to provide innovative, economical solutions for each unique situation.


Mendota Consulting has a unique and thorough understanding of the design and construction process that can be leveraged by clients (Owners, Developers, Municipalities, Home Owner Associations, General Contractors, Construction Managers, and Civil Engineers). At any point during the planning, design or construction process, we can review existing plans and specifications to determine possible cost-saving alternatives. Cost-saving considerations include :

  • Stormwater Treatment Options
  • Earthwork Analysis
  • Utility Layout, Materials, and Design
  • Constructibility Analysis

Our objective, third-party review process adds value for clients by providing top quality plans and innovative solutions, with an emphasis on economical construction options. Money is always tight during the design process, but a plan review completed by Mendota Consulting will more than pay for itself with the construction cost savings.


Mendota Consulting can help clients navigate the rules and regulations encountered during the planning, design and construction phases. Our understanding of the civil, plumbing and soil code requirements help expedite approvals to keep projects on schedule and on budget.


Mendota Consulting provides full service soil testing for Personal Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (POWTS) and Site Evaluations for Stormwater Infiltration to meet the WI DNR Technical Standard 1002. We work with clients to understand the site requirements and future uses to investigate a specific location or a variety of options. Our understanding of the design and construction process allows us to provide valuable, easy to follow reports for the end user.


Mendota Consulting provides full service Personal Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (POWTS) design, which can include soil testing. We provide cost-effective designs that meet the clients needs and expectations. Not only do we look at the upfront cost of installation, we also look at the long term maintenance and possible future uses of the site. Our process is designed to help clients understand all aspects of the design, installation and maintenance.


As a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.), Master Plumber (LMP) and Certified Soil Tester (CST), Mendota Consulting can provide legal assistance for Owners, Developers, Municipalities, Home Owner Associations, General Contractors, Construction Managers, and Civil Engineers. Our wide scope of understanding allows us to develop an in-depth understanding of unique problems, while also providing simplified explanations for all parties to understand.